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A household includes the related family members and all the unrelated people, if any, such as lodgers, foster children, wards, or employees who share the housing unit. Household items means furniture, furnishings, appliances and personal effects that are typically found in a home, excluding pianos and other musical instruments.

Household goods is the product category name for goods used in and around the home, such as cleaning products. Households goods are products that we buy and use within our homes. They usually represent all our personal property other than real estate and vehicles.


Households Goods
  • Appliances (Microwave, Refrigerator, dishwasher, etc.)
  • Furniture (Bed, Sofa, etc.)
  • Electronic Equipment (Computer, Television, etc.)
  • Carpets.
  • Cooking and eating utensils.
  • Dishes.

Agent Max Sea Fragrance 24h 1,1L

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Ajax Aroma Sensations Lavender&Magnolia 1L

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Ajax Aroma Sensations Orange Zest&Jasmine 1L

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SKU: 8714789966281

Ajax Floral Fiesta Lagoon Flowers 1L

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Ajax Floral Fiesta Lilac Breeze 1L

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Ajax Floral Fiesta Red Flowers 1L

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SKU: 5900273472984

Ajax Floral Fiesta Tulip Lychee 1L

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Ajax Optimal 7 Lemon Cytryna 1L

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Ariel Big Box Color 3,75 kg

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Ariel Mountain Spring 3x (22x27g) & Ariel Color 5x (22x27g)

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Ariel Mountain Spring Gel Concentrated 2.2 L & Ariel Color Gel Concentrated 2,2L

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Bref Color Aktiv Eucalyptus 50 g & Fresh Flowers 50 g & Chlorine 50 g

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Bref Power Aktiv Pine Forest 2×50 g & Lavender Field 2×50 g & Juicy Lemon 2×50 g

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Calgon Power Gel 750 ML

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Domestos 750 ml

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Domestos Alaska 1250 ml

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SKU: 8712561398466

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