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Fruit-tella Drops Rainbow 41 g

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SKU: 87317404

Fruit-tella Drops Fruit’s Garden 41 g

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SKU: 87108521

Fruit-tella Drops Sour Citrus Stick 41 g

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SKU: 87345056

Fruit-tella Drops Strawberry 41 g

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SKU: 87108408

Fruit-tella Drops Super Mix Stick 41 g

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SKU: 87353990

Get to Know Contrademn

Contrademn is a wholesale suppliers, exporters and distributors of drinks, Leading in bulk buy global supply of big brands Alcoholic & Non Alcoholic Beverages and Mineral Water at discount wholesale competitive prices. Our value is to provide good services, meet the planned time and ensure product quality. We have it all at great closeout bulk buying pricing for export to any country in the world.

Energy drink, Soft drinks, Beer, Wine, Water & Spirits Wholesalers and Suppliers

We are dedicated to offering a wide selection of bulk alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages for sale to a wide .

Our extensive portfolio in Beverages export, deep level of consumer insight and decades of experience with beverages supply, comprehensive business relationship world wide, varying from shipping logistic to major export markets in the world, We have developed unparalleled  networking capabilities to profitable  international business, we Can help you meets the needs of today’s demanding consumers.

Under the leadership of our dynamic executive team and sourcing agents, we continues a tradition of bringing premium quality beverages to our clients die-hard clients, We have the capabilities  and knowledge to handle a variety of often potential risky transactions, in the international trade environment.