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One big difference in the two drinks is the amount of caffeine. Tea always contains fewer milligrams of caffeine , averaging around 15-70 mg per cup. Coffee, on the other hand, runs 80-185 mg per cup depending on the type you purchase.

Tea seems to be better for your heart as well, because it decreases the serum cholesterol and fatty acid. As mentioned before, the antioxidants in tea also cause it to be beneficial for heart health. However, coffee contains a fatty chemical called cafestol. This chemical increases the drinker’s cholesterol level. Even if you ordered a decaffeinated drink, the cafestol is still present. In this area, tea is healthier.

On the other hand, coffee is more beneficial for asthma sufferers. Theophyline is often used to treat asthma, and the caffeine contained in it imitates Theophyline’s uses. It also reduces a headache due to the same property.

As for popularity, coffee appears to be the more popular drink right now. However, that trend may change in the next few years. An average of 51% of Americans drink tea every day, while 54% of Americans drink coffee every day. There is not a large difference in the percentage of drinkers for each beverage.

Coffee & Tea

Cafe d’or Bilanciato 1 kg

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Cafe d’or Classic instant coffee 200 g

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Cafe d’or Exclusive 250 g

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Cafe d’or Exclusive 500 g

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Cafe d’or Gold instant coffee 200 g

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Cafe d’or o Poranku 300 g

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Coffee Beans MK Cafe Premium 1000 g

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Coffee Lavazza Crema Gusto Tradizione Italiana 1kg

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Coffee Lavazza Qualita 4 x250 g & Ground Coffee 8 x 250 g

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Coffee Segafredo Intermezzo 1 kg

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Ground coffee Marita 500 g

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Ground Coffee MK Cafe Premium 500 g

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Ground Coffee Parana 500 g

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Ground Coffee Prima Finezja 275 g

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Instant Coffee Nescafe Classic 200g

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Instant Coffee Nescafe Sensazione Creme 200g

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Jacobs Kronung Coffee Beans 500g

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Jacobs Kronung Coffee Powder 275 g

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Le Grand Crema Coffee 100% Arabica 500 g

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Le Grand Espresso Coffee 100% Arabica 500 g

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